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Middle Years Newsletter: February 2020

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Middle Years Newsletter: February 2020

Stay informed:

Want to connect with your child’s school on social Short Stops media? Make sure to select the official page so you’ll know the information is trustworthy. Click on social media icons on the school district’s website, or contact the office to ask for links.

Special siblings:

A youngster with disabilities can require extra time and energy from parents. To help your other children feel important, too, try to give them some undivided attention each day. For example, you might play a board game in the evening or have a one-on-one talk before bed.

A taste of learning:

Encourage your middle grader to “chew on” information he learns— just like he would a tasty snack! For instance, rather than simply memorizing the First Amendment to the Constitution, he could mull over ways he has used his right to free speech or to “peaceably assemble.” Perhaps he wrote a letter to the editor or went with you to a rally.

Worth quoting:

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Just for fun:

Q: Where do books sleep? A: Under their covers.

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