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Agriculture Education Offers Hand's On Learning

January 24, 2014


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Students enrolled in agriculture education classes have a chance to a variety of "hand's on" activities throughout the school  year.  Some of this semesters classes are:  Agriculture Construction, Food Science, Agricultural Structures, and Agricultural Science I.

The Agricultural Construction class is a mechanics class that allows students to build shop projects out of both wood and metal.  The students are first taught basic welding and metal cutting skills and power tool safety.  After that is complete the students work the rest of the year on individual project construction.   One example of a project being made this year is a 16 foot tandem axle trailer being build by Alex O.

The Agricutlral Structures class is a mechanics class that teaches students about electricity, concrete, fencing, and farm buildings.  This  year's class did wiring boards to demonstrate proper electrical wiring skills and are currently building two  8'x12' buildings for the baseball field.

The Food Science class will do several activities that are designed to show students how food is processed and preserved.  Activities will include making yogurt, beef jerky, curing hams/bacons, drying apples and making bratwursts. 


The Agriculture Science I class is the begining agriculture education class and involves many different topics of study including mechanics.   The class will learn basic arc welding skills and principles,  proper tool use and safety and they will construct small woodworking projects.