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Factoring Phenom's

February 26, 2017


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The 8th grade Algebra I students have spent the last couple of weeks learning how to factor polynomials. We learned the following ways to factor: the greatest common factor, factoring trinomials, factoring by grouping, and factoring using the difference of squares. The class competed in a single elimination tournament to review all the methods we have learned. A problem was given to the students and they had to choose which method of factoring they should use and then correctly factor the polynomial. The last person to correctly answer the question was eliminated. 

The final three students remaining in the tournament were Margaret, Kyle, and Kaitlyn. All three battled hard to be the first to finish. Kaitlyn finished third place finishing seconds behind Margaret. With the last question Kyle was the first to finish, however he mixed up an addition and subtraction sign which gave Margaret enough time to finish the problem correctly. This made Margaret the champion and the title of "Factoring Phenom."