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Raising A Reader

Reading is more than figuring out sounds and words.  It is also the excitement of a good story--inspiring dreams and building imaginations.  You can get your child hooked on reading in simple ways.  Here are several ideas.

     1.  Reading enjoyment begins at home.  Set aside 15 minutes a day for reading good books aloud.  This habit improves reading, writing, and speaking skills.

     2.  Early readers have four things in common. They are read to regularly, have lots of printed material, have pencil and paper available for drawing and writing, and have families that encourage reading.

     3.  Develop your child's desire to read.  Help her find books about an interest or hobby (a sport, a favorite animal, a hero).  The more she wants to read, the better reader she will become.

     4.  Newspapers, magazines, comics, baseball cards--even the backs of cereal boxes--offer your child a wide variety of things to read.  Do not forget fairy tales, legends, storybooks, and nonfiction.

     5.  Good examples are vital.  When your child sees you reading for pleasure, she will want to do it, too.  Plan a time each day when family members drop everything and read--just for fun.

     6.  Turn off the TV during read-aloud time.  If you do not, it is likely that your child will be more interested in what is on TV than what you are reading.

     7.  Combine reading with writing whenever you can.  For example, after your child has read a story, ask him to draw a picture or write about his favorite part.

     By utilizing these simple ideas, you will be on your way to raising a lifelong reader!