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How Santa Delivers All Those Presents


Preschool has been gearing up for Christmas! We had a discussion on how Santa gets presents in our house. I hope you enjoy these responses!

  •  Ethan: Santa goes down the chimney and puts his bags down. I don’t know how he gets in quiet. That is crazy!  He walks quietly. He takes the presents out. Then he puts them under the tree. Then he leaves. I think Santa will bring me maybe a remote control monster truck because I have been good.
  • Dade: You have to shut your fireplace off and he will get down there. I don’t know how he fits. He brings us presents. I think he will bring me a hoverboard this year because I like hoverboards. 
  • Harper: He rides a sleigh. He opens the doors. He gets presents. Eats cookies and goes home. I hope he leaves me a Rapunzel doll. I love Santa.
  • Brenden:  He comes in from the thing sticking out from your roof. I don’t know what it is called. He puts the presents under the tree. That is all I know about Santa Claus. I hope Santa leaves     me a mini-drone because I can also play with it inside.
  • Nash: Because he gets a present for me. My house is open because Santa is trying to get in. Santa goes in the kitchen and he is trying to look at me and I am sleeping. Trixie is watching Mickey Mouse and Rusty Rivets. He barks at Santa. Santa runs away. He was scared of the dog. He is trying to bring a present for me. I saw Santa. He put presents behind the Christmas tree. I hope Santa brings me a way too big Bumblebee Transformer. I have been a good a boy. I love Santa. I tried to take a picture.
  • Oliver: Him fly on my roof then him fly down the snow. Him just go sit on the snow and go down and open my door. Then him give me presents. Then him go out of the door. Then him climb up the roof. Then get in his snow sleigh. Then get off my roof with his deers. I hope Santa brings me a gun and a Chase car. I have been a good boy. I love Santa A LOT! And I get out of bed and my Mom and Dad say “wake up, Oliver” and we can open presents!
  • Brityn: He gets on the roof. He comes in a chimney...you know in the hallway where there is a heater where air comes out. That is where Santa comes out. When we sleep he comes and gives us presents. I have been a good boy. I hope Santa brings me a big combine head trailer. 
  • Hunter: Ho Ho knock knock nom nom on bus.
  • Konner: I sleep then I get my mom up and us got a lot of presents. Him open our door. Us don’t have a thing so him can go down.My dog don’t bark at him, sometimes him do. Us make him cookies and I eat them. I leave him 4 more on him plate. Us got a new cup for him. I have been good. I love Santa like 4 years or 5 years. I hope he brings me a real motorcycle and a 4 wheel.
  • MaKenna : Santa goes on the rooftop with his magic hat. He delivery gifts to all of the children. And he just go on the roof and go on the chimney and just delivery them. He just puts gifts under  the trees.  I have been a good girl. I so love him on snow days and I just hug him. I hope Santa brings me a LOL capsule.
  • Addisyn: Um a chimney. He delivers presents and he has reindeers. We have an elf named Snowflake. I have a little brother. I have been a good girl. I hope Santa brings me whole BUNCH of games! There is a dog and you have to scoop the poop. :) I love Santa A LOT!
  • Wyatt: He just, I don’t know. He just sneaks into your house and brings presents in your room in your closet. So when it is Christmas day you can open it. Then he just leaves.I love Santa. I have been a good boy. I hope Santa brings me an air patroller. 
  • Olivia: Well, he likes comes through my door. Our dogs bark at him. It wakes me up. Then I went out in the living room and then I saw the presents under my tree.  And then waked up and opened my present. I have been a good girl. I love Santa 100 thousand million. I want him to bring me a big Barbie house with a pool and a slide.
  • Xzavier: I don’t have a thing on the roof. He can’t climb down it. My dad leaves the door unlocked and daddy can’t find the Christmas tree. He gives my presents by my tree.I like Santa. I want a super fast skateboard.