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The President Canceled Christmas?? Here's What We Think!

Have you ever wondered what your child would say if they found out the President decided to cancel Christmas? Well, my class just heard the FAKE news and we decided our plan of action was to write a letter to the President ourselves! Here's what each child had to say in their PRETEND letter to Mr. Trump.


Rory: "I know you might not like Christmas. And that's ok. But just because you don't like it dosen't mean band it. Noe awmost no one will be happy and plus the kids at school will be so sad that you canceled Christmas! For nomber one they won't get time off school. And for nomber two they won't get any presents! And its not just the kids its the grown ups too. They wont get to see any family and santa will be out of a job so he will go to the ocean and get eated by a killer whale while swimming and then a gigantice snake will apear and then eat the killer whale and then a megaladon will apear out of knowere and eat the snake who ate the killer whale who ate SANTA CLAUS!!! Then we will deffenetly not get presents along with every body els all thanks to you!!!"

Bella: "You don't want to be like the Grinch do you? You can't take away Christmas from us."

Halie: "You are a good president but why would you want to ban Christmas? It's a great holiday. Did you know Christmas was when Jesus was born? Second of all, Christmas gives cheer to people. Third of all, Christmas is when people get around and have Christmas cheer. Finally, Christmas is the best holiday of all! That's why you don't want to ban Christmas."

Ava: "I heard you are trying to ban Christmas. Why are you trying to ban Christmas? I think Christmas should not be banned because it is Jesus's birthday. Also because kids need to know how good they can be. Also because that's usually when families can come together and spend time with each other. Plus I just started making my wish list. It's a whole page long! Those are the reasons I dont want you to cancel Christmas!!!"

Abigail: "I heard that you are banning Christmas are you crazy not to be mean but banning Christmas is crazy! Are you sick because Christmas is Jesus birthday! Everybody will be sad and they won't want you to be president. You won't want that!"

Tomas: "I heard that you are canceling Christmas. Can I ask you some questions? Are you crazy cukoo bonkers? Has all the power gone up to your crazy head? You better shape up or ship out. I think you got too many hits to the coconut. Lets get serious but really banning Christmas. That's so low. But can you please not ban Christmas. We work so hard. Look I don't know what you do but Christmas is our Savior Jesus Christ's birthday. How would you feel if there were no trees, no lights, no presents, or no more gifts. People need to see friends and family. Can you please think about it twice? You don't want to be a famous grinch do you? Please Please don't ban Christmas. It is a really important holiday. Please think about what you are doing."

Scot: "Would you like to break every kids heart? You will break my heart the most because it is my birthday. Do you believe in God because that is his birthday too! And when every kid wakes up their will be a note that says Donald Trump canceled Christmas."

Breyton: "Why did you bann Christmas? Don't believe in Jesus huh? Why are you a president? You might go to jail."

Katie: "How are you doing? Uh can I ask you something? Why would you ban Christmas? It's Jesus's birthday. It is a time where families come together and that is coming from an eight year old who is pretty smart for your information. Well probably smarter than you. That's right and I don't think Santa would approve of this. And I do not approve of this dision either."

Riley: "Hi my name is Riley. I heard you were planning to cancel Christmas. Plese plese dont banned Christmas because Christmas is Jesus birthday. And because my birthday is 17 days before Christmas. It would not be the same."

Jaci: "I herd you were canceling Christmas you should not cancel Christmas because it is Jeses birthday. Jeses is very specile. Christmas is about family and Jeses. Donald I am sad because I will not be able to see my family. What would you do without Christmas! I can not see my family if you dont bring back Christmas. Please bring it back."

Bryce: "Why have you banned Christmas? Probaly because you don't like Christmas. Well I'm going to tell you why you should not banned Christmas. But first are you okay because you dont banned Christmas. Heres one reason it's a holiday that everybody loves and you get presents. Well if you do everybody will be so mad."

Marina: "Why are you going to band Christmas because everybody is celebrating Christmas already. My mom does not like Christmas and she decorates it so fancy. I love it so much that I like the decorations and the presents."

Jason: "I heard you are cacling Christmas but why I thank you should not because it is Jesuses birthday I thank you should not!!!!!"

Lee: "You are a good president but why would you cancle Christmas? All of us children and grown ups would all be sad. We all love Christmas. Did you know that our savior was born on Christmas day. And you tryed to bande his birthday. And we would not get presents. Why would you do that anyway? If you cancled Christmas I would fight to have it back again. That is why you SHOULD NOT cancle Christmas."

Tayven: "I heard you are taking down christmas this year. Well Christmas should still be a thing because it's Jesus's birthday! And I don't think he would be very happy that we are not celebrating CHRISTMAS!! AWWWW! And we would not be able to open presents, spend time with out family and friends! No no no this can't be happening right now. I am not happy right now. And we wont get to put up Christmas lights, or Christmas trees or nothing. I could scream right now! Oh no, I might faint. Thump! Blah. Oh no, I'm awake. Now where were we? Oh ya,and I just started a Christmas list too."

Jayden: "Why do you want to band Christmas? Christmas is a very fun holiday! You get to spend time with family, and it's Jesus's birthday! We all love Christmas, and you can love it to. And if you don't have family just spend time with friends or on your own. But don't take Christmas! You won't get gifts!"