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Chromebook: Student and Family Responsibilites

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Student Responsibilities

Each student will be responsible for:

  • Abiding by the Putnam County R-I Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Always having in their possession a charged and functional Chromebook.

  • Attending each class with their Chromebook unless directed otherwise by the teacher.

  • Logging in under their assigned username and password and not sharing their password with any other person.

  • Backing up their data to their Google Drive.

  • Proper maintenance and care of the device.

  • Any non-warranty repair costs. (see Fees on page 2 of student handout or the Fees Section on the Technology section of our school website)


Family Responsibilities

PCR-I has worked diligently to research best practices employed by school districts across the state. As a result of speaking to leaders in these other districts, we have developed the following procedures to ensure the success of our 1:1 Initiative. These procedures are designed to ensure that <<Full Name>> has continuous and high-quality access to their Chromebook as a learning tool at all times. PCR-I has established a $25 Insurance Premium per year. The insurance is designed:

  • To insure <<your student's>> computer and charger up to the total cost of $200/claim

  • To help cover the cost of non-warranty repairs.

  • To alleviate some of the financial burdens on the family for computer maintenance and repair.

  • To cover 1 claim per year with a $50 deductible (repairs under $50 cannot be counted as a claim). Example: A new Chromebook with power supply is ~$250 so insurance would cover $200.

What is not covered under the insurance?

Including but not limited to:

  • Willful abuse of the device.

  • Neglect of proper care as listed under care and maintenance.

  • Loss of the device. To claim insurance the device must be returned to the district.

Loss of Computer

If a Chromebook is reported lost a loaner will be issued with standard fees of $5/day until the original Chromebook is found and the loaner returned or until the total fees for that instance equals the cost of replacement ($230). The original device will be locked.

If the original device is not found by the date of collection then a fine of $230 will be assessed to replace the device. The loaner fees from this incident will be applied to the $230. A student will not be fined more than $230 for the loss of the Chromebook (this does not include the power adapter).

A Lost device is not eligible for insurance claims.

Theft of Computer

If the computer is stolen, a formal Police Report must be filed with the Police Department within 1 week. A copy of the Report must be submitted to the Technology Office. A replacement device will be assigned and the original device will then be tagged for location tracking and/or remotely locked until returned to the technology office. If a report is not filed with the technology office the device is assumed to be lost not stolen.



Troubleshooting Tip:

If you are having issues, or your Chromebook is locked up, hold the power button for 30 seconds and then try to power it back on.