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Middle School


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Writing a Personal Narrative Essay

Does your student come home and talk about writing their meat paragraphs?  Do they talk about how the top bun and the bottom bun have to be similar but different?  Just in case your student shares this information with you here is what he/she is talking about.  In English, we are starting to write our first essay.  We start with a personal narrative because it is usually an easy way to get the students engaged in the writing process.  I explain to the students that their essay is like a really big sandwich; like one of those you eat at a restaurant that earns your picture being put up on the wall.  The top bun is the introduction.  It catches our attention and reels us to read further.  The bottom bun is the conclusion paragraph.  It reviews what the essay is about wraps it all up.  The middle of our sandwich has three types of meat. Those meats are three detail paragraphs.  By using a picture to help represent the format for the essay, the students are able to remember each part a little bit easier.