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Middle Years Newsletter: January 2020

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Middle Years Newsletter: January 2020

Write while you read
Textbooks pack in a lot of information. To see if your child understands what he or she is reading, suggest that she stop every few paragraphs and jot down a few facts and

ideas. If she can easily explain the material in writing, it’s likely she’s on track. If not, it’s a good idea for her to reread the part she’s unclear about.

A good start

Pleasant goodbyes set a nice tone for the day. Get in the habit of saying, “Have a terrific day!” to your tween before going off to school and work. Or give him a high-five or a hug on
the way out the door. Leaving on an upbeat note will help both of you feel good about the day ahead.

Manage homework like a pro
Middle graders who do well in school generally have one thing in common: They stay on top of their homework. Your tween can use these strategies to manage his assignments successfully. Make it a priority. Have your child put homework on his calendar and plan other activities around it. To decide how long he needs, he could add time estimates to his planner as he writes down assignments. Examples: “Read chapters 7 and 8 in novel, 30 minutes.” “Find five sources for social studies presentation, 20 minutes.” Over time, his estimates will get more accurate.


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