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Week 3 Speech/Language With Ms. Wickert

Hello everyone!

This week take it easy and enjoy Easter themed activities! I have attached 4 coloring pages that your child can color! Listed below are a few other things you can talk with your child about to encourage speech and language skills that are Easter Themed: 

  • When coloring, make sure to discuss every color and name other items thar are that color
  • If you choose to color an egg OR decorate hard boiled eggs-you can discuss patterns or mixing colors
  • If you have plastic Easter eggs around the house you can do a few activities using those! For example- When targeting describing, formulating sentences, articulation/phonology, and/or fluency, you may fill the eggs with the picture cards, hide the eggs, and have your kids find all of the eggs. Then, have you students either describe the picture or use the word in a sentence, or say their target sound/word/sentence the number of times indicated on the card. You can also work on compound words, write one part on one section of the egg, and the other part on the attached part of an egg. Then detach the eggs and mix them to see if your child can combine words to make compound word. You can also see if they can describe what the words means to word on vocabulary. 
  • Put items in the eggs and have the child guess what is in it.. you can give hints or your child can ask 'wh' or yes/no questions to help decide

As always, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you want more specific items for your child to work on. I will continue to check-in with everyone. I was able to get ahold of several of you this week and enjoyed hearing how the kids are doing! Miss you all and hope you're staying healthy. 

Kellyn A. Wickert, M.A., CCC, SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist
Early Childhood Special Education Director 
803 S. 20th Street
Unionville, MO 63565
(660) 947-3361 ext. 333