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S is for SUPER!

S is for SUPER! Preschool students in Mrs. Salisbury's class enjoyed spending time with our Superintendent this morning, enjoying the fresh air and for most, their first-ever Bobcat ride.

Mrs. Salisbury said, "All I know is that he puts the SUPER in superintendent! The kiddos had the BEST time. One little guy said he'd only been in a car before." 

Here are some of their responses to what they liked most about their ride and what they would say to Dr. Halley. 

Lily: "It's so cool and magic. Thank you."
Annie: "Dumped the snow out of the bucket! Thank you for the ride."
Ezra: "Riding in it. Thank you!"
Finley: "Dumped it down! Hip!"
Emma: "Spinning. I like him."
Kayson: "Twirling. Love him."
Connor: "Ride! Like him."
Ridley: "Going around! Cool!"
Damien: "Going down, the water splashed! Nice."
Arya: "Spinning in circles. Awesome!"
Kellan: "Dumping out snow. AMAZING!"
Kirkley: "Spinning around. Thank you!"
Colton: "Making a doughnut. Super! I like him."

Thank you, Dr. Halley, for making these preschoolers' day a SUPER one!