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Parent-Teacher Conferences: October 21, 2021.

It's that time of year. Leaves are falling, cooler temperatures setting in, and we are nearly through the first quarter of school. This also means parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner. This year parent-teacher conferences will be occurring on Thursday, October 21, 2021, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 

Parent-teacher conferences: Why do we have them? Why are they important? Should I attend? Those are questions I hope to answer. The parent-teacher relationship can be significant in determining the child’s success as they progress annually and throughout their educational careers.

Here are some suggestions for positive parent-teacher conferences:

Schedule a time and be there on time.

Have your questions or concerns written down. Here are some possible questions to help with your conference:

1. Is my child meeting grade-level expectations?

2. What do you see as academic strengths and challenges?

3. How are we developing their strengths?

4. How are we addressing the challenges?

Develop a team approach with the teacher.

Take notes during the meeting.

Collaboratively develop a plan that helps meet the needs of your child. This allows for you to ensure maximum time with your child’s teacher and also guarantees that you get your questions answered.

When my children began their school careers I thought I would be ‘Super Dad’, be involved, engaged and would always ask upon seeing my children “How was your day?” I can tell you I had to learn to expand my question habits and techniques, as it became apparent after about the 3rd day of kindergarten that the standard answer to my first question was ALWAYS… “Fine”. So, I progressed to “What did you learn today?” That turned into and I quote “Nuthun”. So, today I ask these questions every day: “Do you have homework? How was practice? Are we ready for tomorrow? Do you need anything from me?" I can tell you being an involved and active parent in your child’s life can be exhausting! But, I can tell you what my father says… “It is not a fight you can lose!” It is imperative that your child knows you care and are involved, even though they act as if they don’t want either.

In hopes of assisting you, Putnam County R-I offers these technologies to help keep you more informed. They are the “Parent Portal” on our School Information Systems (SIS) and also the push notifications that are sent out regarding your child’s grades. These tools provide parents the wonderful opportunity to initiate conversations with their child regarding his or her academic progress. If you haven’t used either of these tools, please see Mrs. Hodges in the High School gym on the afternoon of parent-teacher conferences.

It is my sincerest hope that you take the time to attend conferences. Being a parent today is hard work! Being an educator today is hard work! But, I tell you this with all honesty, being a kid today is harder than it has ever been! Please, take the upcoming parent-teacher conferences to become involved and engaged in your child’s life. Join me and the educators of Putnam County R-I to support your children and advance our community.