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Busy Bees in Third Grade

The first week of school was a busy one for Miss Sturch's third graders. On Monday, they got to know each other through the M&M game. For each color of M&M they had, they answered a question and told their friends about themselves. Then they got to eat their treats!

On Wednesday, they decorated their writer's notebooks and showed off their creativity.

On Thursday, they read the book "If I Built a School" by Chris Van Dusen and then wrote what they would put in a school of their own. Students added everything they could think of, including water slides, cozy blankets, a petting zoo, and a Mcdonald's! One student even added a Starbucks for Miss Sturch.

That afternoon they went outside and drew compass roses on the sidewalk to test out their new social studies knowledge. They then played "Simon Says" by facing the different directions that Simon called out.

We hope everyone had a fun start to their school year!