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Putnam County R-I Schools


PC Junior High Football Team Camp

The Putnam County Junior High Football Team will participate in the 2-day Mini-Midget camp tonight and tomorrow night, July 19-20, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Players should report to the locker room at 6 p.m. to pick up their helmets and cleats. . . .

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Wanted by the F.B.E.

Federal Bureau of Elements Most Wanted

Putnam County Chemistry students took a little bit of time and creativity this past week exploring the history of an element they chose and presenting it as a "criminal." Part of the curriculum in the course takes a look at the . . .

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Mr. Watt's Biology 2 Students Participate in Dissection Lab

Prior to Christmas break, Mr. Watt's Biology 2 students had the opportunity to participate in dissecting a four-chambered heart and a fetal pig. One of the human body organs that is very similar to a pig’s is the heart. A pig . . .

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Physical Science Flame Test Fun

Students in Mr. Watt's freshman science classes recently enjoyed a lab designed to help them understand the structure of an atom. They conducted flame tests with salt compounds which yield characteristic colors based upon the . . .

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Biology II Students Build Models of Cell Division

Students in Mr. Watt's Biology II class recently wrapped up a unit on cell division and took the opportunity to make models of mitosis. Pictured are a few student projects that depicted the four main phases (prophase, metaphase, . . .

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Mr. Watt's Biology II Students Build Models of Cell Division

Mitosis is a process that is ever-present to life, and a foundational topic necessary for the understanding of advanced topics like growth and development, reproduction, and many disease processes. Missouri Learning Standards related to . . .

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Putnam County High School Interact Hosts Parents' Night Out on Friday, March 20 from 7:30 - 10:30 p.m.

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  Interact Shoes For Orphan Souls Fundraiser OVERVIEW Putnam County High School Interact students annually team up with the Unionville Rotary Club to collect shoes that are distributed by . . .

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Freshmen Learn To Add . . . Vectors

Mr. Watt's Physical Science classes have transitioned from studying introductory chemistry to studying introductory physics.  A big part of the recent transition has been learning the difference between vector and scalar . . .

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I Zinc I Like You!

We’ve Got Chemistry

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, early to mid-February is the perfect time to finish up the chemistry unit in Mr. Watt's physical science classes!  After learning about the atomic structure, the periodic table, and . . .

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Sophomores Working in Science to Win!

Putnam County sophomore biology students are competing this year in a nationwide science contest co-sponsored by Toshiba and the National Science Teachers’ Association.  ExploraVision encourages students to pursue topics that are . . .

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Jeremy Watt: Curriculum Director & High School Science

Though it marks year 16 at Putnam County and year 21 in education, this fall marks the second year Mr. Jeremy Watt will be teaching physical science and biology at Putnam County.  After five years of teaching science in . . .

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Interact Participates in Purple Pinky Week Fundraiser

  Members of the local high school Interact Club have worked diligently over the past few weeks to plan and coordinate a fundraising event to help eradicate polio.  World Polio Day was on October 24, and our Interact . . .

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Excitement in the Physical Science Classroom!

Freshmen have been participating in some exciting science demonstrations in Mr. Watt's classroom this fall.  They are studying physical and chemical properties and changes of a variety of elements and substances, including hydrogen . . .

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Mr. Jeremy Watt: Homepage

Mr. Jeremy Watt Homepage

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New 3-D Printer In High School Science Classroom

Northeast Missouri State Teacher Association Technology Grant Award

Thanks to the Northeast Missouri State Teacher's Association, Mr. Watt's high school science room will be the new home for a  Fla sh Forge 3D Printer Creator Pro this fall. Grant applications were due in February, with one . . .

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Physical Science In Motion

Mr. Watt and his Physical Science students have been busy this quarter looking into the effects of motion on objects.  They have conducted a series of lab investigations lately to learn more specifics about how gravity influences objects . . .

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Ecological Succession Study

Sophomore biology students in Mr. Watt's class are presently conducting a study to see how quickly life appears in samples of "dead" plant matter that they collected outside last week.  The plant matter was submerged in a . . .

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Putnam County Interact

Interact students have been busy this year with several activities.  Our officer election resulted in a slate of leaders who will work hard to make this year another successful year of service.  Officers include President Whitney . . .

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Scientific Methodology is Clicking in Room 13!

As students are preparing for comprehension checks next week, we have started using Plicker cards in Mr. Watt's science classroom in a fun and practical way.  Plickers is an assessment tool made by a teacher who was looking . . .

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New Science Teacher Excited About New Hats

Though it marks year 15 at Putnam County and year 20 in education, this fall marks the first time Mr. Jeremy Watt will be teaching physical science and biology at Putnam County.  After five years of teaching science in Southwest . . .

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