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Kaylee Minear Teacher 3rd Grade Teacher.       Phone: Email: Kaylee Minear  

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Read-a-thon FUN!

Our guest readers showed us just how exciting books are! Thank you to all of our guest readers today. 

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Barnyard Fun

A nice addition to our Friday was visiting the FFA barnyard and seeing the variety of animals. 

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Barnyard Fun

A fun addition to our Friday was visiting the FFA barnyard and seeing the variety of animals. Thank you to all of the FFA students and sponsors for making this experience possible. Our third-grade students enjoyed it! Check out the photo . . .

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Cause and Effect

Yesterday in Mrs. Minear's 3rd-grade class, students learned about cause and effect. Each group was given the task of acting out their card and then the class had to guess what the cause and effect were. Check out the video links below to . . .

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Fractions and Q-Tips

Q-Tips, string, an expo marker, and a couple of pieces of tape is all it takes for students to better understand how fractions can be shown on a number line. Our hands-on learning helped us realize that the spaces between each . . .

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Fractions with M&M’s

Fractions are fun, and yummy, when you learn about them with M&M’s! For today’s learning, students had to represent their M&M colors with a fraction. They also learned that their numerators . . .

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Gallery Walk

We have recently begun learning about the migration of Native American groups to Missouri prior to the European Settlement. Students worked with their group members to create a poster about their Native American group. Afterward, students . . .

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Let’s Make a Floor Plan!

We have been working on finding the area of various shapes by using strategies such as counting the unit squares or by using the area formula, area = length X width.  Students designed floor plans using what they have . . .

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Dissolving Candy Canes

Today we discovered that candy canes dissolve at different speeds depending on the liquid it is placed in. When it was placed in hot water, the candy cane dissolved the fastest. However, the quickest reaction took place when a candy cane was . . .

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Gumdrop Christmas Tree

How tall can you build a tree using only gum drops and toothpicks? That was our challenge today. This was a fun STEM activity that the kiddos loved!!

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A Snowy Recess!

Recess is more fun in the snow! Third-grade students bundled up earlier this week and soaked up some Vitamin D while using their imaginations, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and got some great exercise outside with friends. . . .

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Let's Freeze!

We have continued in our matter unit by learning how matter can change through freezing, melting, evaporation, and condensation. Students investigated how matter can change from a liquid to a solid by removing heat.  For our . . .

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Third-Grade Shows Particles in Matter!

This week in 3rd-grade science we have been learning about the particles in matter. Students used fruit loops to show how the particles in the 3 states of matter look.  In a solid, the particles are very close together and form a . . .

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Fun at the PC Fair

This week we toured the PC Fair and students were treated to an ice cream cone! The kids loved learning about the show arena, seeing the various livestock, chickens, and bunnies. We especially loved the shuttle ride provided by . . .

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Sundaes and Slideshows

During our last few weeks of school, we have been learning how to add and subtract with money and how to create a slideshow. Students were given an ice cream sundae menu and told they only had $6 to spend creating their perfect sundae. . . .

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Third-Grade Visits Steamboat Arabia and Legoland

The Third-Grade classes enjoyed a wonderful day in Kansas City visiting the Steamboat Arabia Museum and playing at Legoland. We learned so many interesting facts about the Steamboat Arabia! It is such a neat story and we are lucky to have . . .

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Foolin' the Students for April Fool's!

Our class was so excited today when I told them they were going to receive brownies for snack! They were quickly disappointed when they realized what I meant. Waiting on their desks after recess was a real BROWN "E"! Ms. . . .

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FFA Week Fun!

One thing is for sure, our class loved everything about FFA week. The week started out with high school FFA members visiting our classroom to teach the students how to make homemade butter. The students were fascinated by the . . .

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3M Reads A WONDERful Book!

Our class recently wrapped up our 6th class read-a-loud book called, "Wonder". It is about a boy named August who was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school - until now. He's about to . . .

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Our 2019 Word!

Have you seen the #OneWord2019 trend this year? I love the idea and decided to do it with my students! They were each asked to think of what kind of person they want to become this year or something they want to work on becoming better . . .

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The President Canceled Christmas?? Here's What We Think!

Have you ever wondered what your child would say if they found out the President decided to cancel Christmas? Well, my class just heard the FAKE news and we decided our plan of action was to write a letter to the President ourselves! . . .

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Fun-Filled Fall Party!

Our class had a wonderful fall party thanks to our room parents and treat senders! We could not ask for a better time!                

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To High School Science We Go!

Miss Michael's third-grade class took a nice stroll to Mrs. Parajara's high school science classroom this past week to watch her students demonstrate an experiment. The experiment involved chemical changes, which is what our class is . . .

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3M Students Get A Monthly Free Book!

Every month a book company called "Scholastic" sends out a flyer full of books for my third graders to order from. You may have seen one if you are a parent, or remember them from when you were in school. In each flyer, there is . . .

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