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Mrs. Gayla Whitworth: Homepage

Mrs. Gayla Whitworth: Homepage

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Coach Fitzpatrick Shares His Love of Reading with Fab 5

To start off our Read-A-Thon for Read Across America week, Coach Fitzpatrick spoke to the 5th grade students about his own love of reading. He started off by pointing out that billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Warren . . .

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Civil War Readers Theater

"Should I stay or should I go?" was a question Mrs. Whitworth's Fab 5 had to answer when playing a game that went along with their Civil War unit.  Afterward, they discussed a time when several Southern states decided that . . .

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The Flow of Energy

Mrs. Whitworth's Fab 5 have been studying about the flow of energy from the sun, to the producer, and finally to the consumer.  One of the projects included making a food web poster. Be sure to check out our photo gallery!

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Christmas Fun with the Fab 5

What do you get a Fifth Grader for Christmas?  A party!!!!  Instead of having the traditional grab bag boy/girl gift exchange, Fifth Grade students brought their teachers $5.00 each. Then each teacher took the money, added some of . . .

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Fab 5 Gets Festive

Mrs.Whitworth's Fab 5 have begun their Christmas festivities. All of Fifth grade visited the courthouse to hang some handmade ornaments they made at school. After decorating the tree and caroling, the courthouse ladies graciously . . .

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Fab 5 Practices Basketball at Recess

The Fab 5 has moved on from football and is now honing in on their basketball skills at recess.  "Coach O'Reilly" was trying to offer some pointers as the boys were perfecting their aggressiveness.  Even though the . . .

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Paper Pilots

Mrs. Whitworth's Fab 5 became paper pilots this week!  After learning about the scientific method, they tested it out with their first experiment.  Their testable question was "How will different styles of wings affect how . . .

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Mrs. Whitworth's Fab 5 Enjoys Homecoming

Homecoming was a fun time for Mrs. Whitworth's 5th graders.  The students enjoyed all of the festivities. Go Midgets!

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      Mrs. Whitworth's FAB 5 spent the first 2 weeks learning procedures and how to work together in teams.  Two of the activities they sharpened their teamwork skills on were called Saving Fred and a stem . . .

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Hello? Anyone There?

In science last week, Fourth-grade students learned how sound travels. Through a video, the students learned about what makes sound and how it travels. Then they made a "telephone", wrote a hypothesis about what would happen when . . .

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Fourth-Grade Engineers

Fourth-grade students have been testing their engineering skills. They were given some supplies such as plastic cups, wooden blocks, clothespins, and craft sticks. Their challenge was to see who could build the tallest tower with a base of . . .

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Mystery Slope Activity in Summer School

In summer school this week, we conducted a mystery science activity. How can you go faster down a slide? The activity taught the students about friction through a visual lesson and then allowed them to test their predictions with building . . .

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Brain Balance Activities and Vitamin D

In Mrs. Whitworth's class today, they enjoyed the beautiful sunshine during adventure time by cup stacking and pulling weeds in front of the elementary. Cup stacking promotes physical fitness and academic learning. Students use . . .

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Mrs. Whitworth's Third-Grade Class in Review

Third-Grade Parents, Mrs. Whitworth has made a compilation video of her students this year. You can check it out here: 2018-2019 Mrs. Whitworth's Third-Grade Compilation Video

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Third Grade Annual Reading Night

The Third-Grade celebrated their 10th annual Reading Night after participating in a fun-filled Track and Field Day. The 3rd-grade teachers planned an evening filled with reading, activities, and eating! Between blocks of . . .

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Celebrating the End of Testing

This Friday, Mrs. Whitworth's Third-Graders celebrated the end of two weeks of testing.  The students completed the district assessment called the PCAP assessment and the MAP which is a state assessment.  Both assessments . . .

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Test Prep Videos

This is the time of the year where you will find and hear many teachers and students talking about the upcoming MAP and EOC tests.  It is definitely crunch time in preparing young minds to be successful on these important . . .

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Importance of Cursive Handwriting

    In today's world with technology so available to all ages, cursive handwriting seems to be a thing of the past.  However, there are many studies that say cursive handwriting has many benefits and is still . . .

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The Last Great Race on Earth

Have you heard of "The Last Great Race on Earth"? This world-famous race is called the Iditarod. This amazing race is a dog sled race held the first Saturday of every March in Anchorage, Alaska.  Throughout February, . . .

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Holiday Fun

    Mrs. Whitworth's Third Grade took some time to enjoy the holiday season by learning about old traditions and making fun holiday memories.  The children spent one morning having a Read-a-Thon.  Many . . .

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Halloween Fun

The kids had such a fun time during the Halloween party!  Thank you room parents and treat senders for a fun-filled party! 

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

        Did you know that you can turn liquid coffee creamer into ice cream?  Mrs. Whitworth's Third Grade class has been studying the states of matter and changes they go through.  To . . .

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Whitworth's Writers

After reading, If You Were a Writer by Joan Lowry Nixon, Mrs.Whitworth's 3rd Graders couldn't wait to begin writing.  To spark their creative minds and make their notebooks special, the students decorated their . . .

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Mrs. Whitworth's Class Keeps Cool

Mrs. Whitworth's 4th grade summer school class enjoys taking an occasional break from academics on Fridays. On this particular day, they enjoyed throwing water balloons💦, getting squirted with the water hose💦, playing Duck 🦆Duck 🦆Splash💦, . . .

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Home Page

Gayla Whitworth Third grade teacher.       Phone: Email: Gayla Whitworth  

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