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Mrs. Stephanie Salisbury: Homepage

Mrs. Stephanie Salisbury: Homepage

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Home Page

Stephanie Salisbury       Phone: Email: Stephanie Salisbury  

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"A Person's A Person No Matter How Small"

Oh, what fun preschoolers had celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America Week! We read lots of books, including Dr. Seuss's books, and had some guest readers as well. Be sure to view our photo gallery!

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What Is A Superbowl and Who Is Mahomes?

PCR-I Edition of Kids Say the Darndest Things

Preschoolers were not quite sure what a Superbowl is or who Patrick Mahomes is, but were willing to give it their best shot! Me: "What is the Superbowl?" Kids: "It's a grape." "It's a letter." . . .

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Mahomes Monday in Preschool

Preschool students in Mrs. Salisbury's class decorated their own Kansas City Chiefs player to help celebrate the Chiefs making it to the Superbowl! These "Mahomies" had a lot of fun learning and creating on Mahomes Monday!

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Moose, Muffins, and a Mighty Midget Court Warming

What’s a great way to celebrate letter M? Preschool thinks the best way is to wear moose antlers and read  If You Give A Moose A Muffin!   Then, of course, you need to bake some muffins. We completed the celebration by . . .

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Wrapped In Love

Thank you, Linda Fettig, for making us these wonderful blankets! The preschoolers ADORE them. It’s so thoughtful of you to make sure our little people are wrapped in warmth and love this winter! 

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A Special Little Thank You!

Preschool is celebrating Christmas today and we really appreciate the donations from the United Methodist Church and Linda Fettig! These little smiles speak volumes! Merry Christmas everyone.

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K Is For Kindness!

These little people enjoyed celebrating letter K by spreading kindness like confetti throughout the building. They had a blast with this project and said it made them feel happy and nice to be kind. 

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H is For Happy Birthday!

Preschool really enjoyed celebrating letter H! We did some h ands-on activities like cooking and eating green eggs and h am. We created a h orse craft, read letter H books,  h ad some . . .

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We Love Our Custodians!

To celebrate Twin Day and National Custodian Day, the littles wanted to surprise our janitors and be their twins. Our custodians work very hard every day to keep our school germ and mess-free. We were able to get some pictures with . . .

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The Fair Comes to Preschool!

We had a blast celebrating our own preschool fair this morning! Ms.Cheryl created several fun games and activities for us to enjoy along with some super cool prizes. Thank you, Ms.Cheryl! 

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We Love Our Moms!

This year Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 12, 2019. Preschool has been preparing for this special event since January. We planted flower seeds and have been taking very good care of them. We are so anxious to give them to our moms! . . .

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It's a Zoo in Preschool!

How do you celebrate the letter Z? With a zoo party, of course! Preschool had a ball enjoying the day with our favorite zoo pals. They read about some zoo animals, danced like giraffes and elephants, ate lunch in the classroom, had rest time . . .

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true," Lyman Frank Baum. Thanks to Ms. Cheryl, preschoolers got to enjoy a rainbow right in our classroom! To celebrate the letter R, . . .

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Need To Know What the Super Bowl Is? Preschool Can Help!

The Super Bowl is....... "The Golden Football. The Patriots will win The Golden Football because they are the best," Ethan.   "A red cape," Olivia.   "Bowling," Wyatt. . . .

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Little People, Big Goals!

     Preschool is so excited to get 2019 started! We enjoyed the  break  but missed school. Today we discussed what it means to make a resolution or goal. Here are some goals they would like to . . .

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How Santa Delivers All Those Presents

  Preschool has been gearing up for Christmas! We had a discussion on how Santa gets presents in our house. I hope you enjoy these responses!  Ethan : Santa goes down the chimney and puts his bags down. I . . .

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We Would Eat Green Eggs and Ham!

Who likes green eggs and ham? Preschool does! The whole class voted YES! As you can see, they had a ball cracking eggs. We love celebrating the letter G!

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C Is For Caterpillar!

Who are Carle, Carla, and Carlton? They are preschool's caterpillars! The caterpillars are named after the author, Eric Carle. One of the books he wrote is  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We LOVE that book! The students were . . .

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We LOVE School!

Thank you to all the families that were able to attend our open house. Preschoolers are off to a great start. Our smiles say it all!    

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