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Putnam County R-I Schools

High School

A Strong Finish

     February and 3rd quarter are both quickly coming to an end. Pre-calculus students are in the middle of an exponential/logarithmic unit. When we are done with this unit, we will finish the year studying trigonometric . . .

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January Update in High School Math

     It has been an unusual January. We had just gotten into the rhythm of being back in school and then experienced an unusually long break due to the weather. When we return to classes we will have to review and refresh what . . .

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Wrapping it up for Christmas

       We are trying to wrap up for Christmas break by reviewing for finals. The pictures show one of the geometry classes doing a whiteboard review. Because of the snow day on Monday, students will need to do more . . .

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Building Strong Math Students

    We are always building in math class. The pictures show pre-calculus students exploring parametric equations. They have since started a unit on matrices which is a nice change from studying functions. Geometry classes . . .

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October Update

      October is quickly passing. Pre-calculus students are nearing the end of a general study of the twelve basic functions. We will finish the unit looking at transformations of functions and will then test . . .

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Falling into a Routine

    It actually felt like a fall morning as I walked into school today. The passing of time is reflected not only in the weather but also in that we have settled into a routine and have an understanding of what it takes to . . .

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First Week in Math Class

      We are almost to the end of our first week in math class. Students are learning the routine of being where they are supposed to be and learning class expectations. I am trying to put names with new faces . . .

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Ms. Debbie Mallette: Homepage

Ms. Mallette: Homepage

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Still Learning

        Though the end of school is near, we are still working in math class. The pictures show pre-calculus students working together on a graphing calculator exploration of the sine function. This trigonometry unit . . .

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Which One is Not Like the Others?

     In geometry class, we are trying to learn the properties of quadrilaterals. The pictures show students deciding which quadrilateral does not go with the others and then communicating the reason why. This same day, we did . . .

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February Update

        It has been an interesting winter trying to learn math concepts interrupted with snow days. We are finally testing over exponential functions in intermediate algebra II class and will begin a unit on . . .

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Wild Winter!

        It has been crazy trying to keep on track in eighth-grade math class. We are finally finishing our linear systems unit and will then move on to a unit on functions. The eighth-grade algebra class . . .

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Exponential Learning

     It has been an interesting month with early outs, late starts, and no school. We continue to work hard when we are in class as shown in the pictures of Intermediate Algebra II students exploring exponential graphs. . . .

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Christmas Wrapping

    Classes are wrapping up for Christmas break. The pictures show geometry classes playing a Quizlet Live review activity as things wind down. The activity was to review vocabulary, properties, and theorems which . . .

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Give Thanks

        As I am writing this, students are heading out to begin their Thanksgiving holiday. It feels good to stop and refresh with a much-needed break.  When we return on Monday, our pre-calculus . . .

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Time is Flying

       The calendar is screaming that the end of first semester is looming.  It always seems surprising that time could go so quickly.     In 8th grade math class we just finished . . .

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Fall Update

       The second quarter of school is moving along quickly. Geometry classes are nearing the end of unit 3 on parallel and perpendicular lines.  We will soon be studying transformations in unit 4. . . .

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Only Two Weeks Left of First Quarter!

    It is hard to believe that the end of first quarter is fast approaching.  Geometry class is in the middle of unit two and just beginning to be introduced to proofs.  It is unclear whether we will test over this unit . . .

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