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Putnam County R-I Schools

Middle School

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WWII Simulation

In a game fashion, students drew cards with identities of soldiers. They then went through different scenarios to better understand the difficulties of the battles of the Pacific Theater in WWII. They had a lot of fun and a nice change of . . .

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Marbury V. Madison Skits

This week we have been working on skits over Marbury V. Madison. The Supreme Court case that led to all other Supreme Court cases. I find that having students act in class helps them remember the information as well as gets them more . . .

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8th-Grade Drama and Greek Theatre

Eighth-grade drama students worked on Greek theatre today! The students took some notes, then pulled out the masks they created yesterday and performed a short scene! Their drama included a chorus and two lead actors! Students . . .

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Today on the History Show!

Radio Show Interview with John Adams

We have been digging right into our new chapter this month in 8th grade Social Studies! We are currently in our chapter about the first two presidents. This week we have been discussing John Adams and the scandals of his presidency: the . . .

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Trench Warfare in the Sophomore Class

Mrs. Bennett's students had tons of fun in sophomore US History today! Students are learning about World War I and trench warfare. To demonstrate and explain the positives and negatives of trench warfare, we engaged in a paper ball war! . . .

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Working hard in 8th Grade

It has been a busy year in 8th grade. We have been working hard and moving quickly through the material. Thus far this year, we have covered Native Cultures, Exploration, the 13 Colonies, and the French and Indian War. We will begin our . . .

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Mrs. Taylor Bennett Homepage

Mrs. Taylor Bennett Homepage

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Middle School Health and Wellness

In order to teach Middle School students a short health and nutrition lesson, their teachers had them perform workouts with Coach Bondy this week and then watch a Bill Nye video about nutrition. Afterward, they completed a secret code . . .

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Factory for a Day!

In 8th-grade Social Studies, we have been talking about the lead up to the Civil War as our year begins to wind down. Included in this chapter is the Industrial Revolution. This period has always been one of my favorites because it is so . . .

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Radio Talk Show with Famous Historical Figures

In Social Studies this week we have been working diligently, in spite of weather changing up our schedule, to wrap up Chapter 7. The 8th graders have been working on individual research projects on historical figures from the chapter . . .

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Branches of Power

In December, the 8th grade Social Studies students were focused on the powers of the 3 branches of our government. After that lesson, we played the Branches of Power game on iCivics, which was a hit with the kids. This game helped them . . .

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Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Famous Figures

On Friday, students played a trivia game called Quiz-Quiz-Trade. The game includes trading cards with information about the famous figures of the American Revolution. Students first had to find the information for 4 cards using research . . .

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CSI: Boston

Last week in 8th grade Social Studies, we put on our investigator hats. In order to discuss the Boston Massacre, I set up a "crime scene" in the front of the classroom. A crime scene which the students made sure to tell me was . . .

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Would You Survive Jamestown?

In Eighth grade Social Studies we are currently talking about the development of colonies in North America. To further review the concepts already discussed, we played a game called, “Would You Survive Jamestown”. This is a game . . .

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Welcome Social Studies Teacher, Miss Massey

We would like to introduce one of our new teachers, Miss Taylor Massey!👩‍🏫 Taylor is from Herculaneum, Missouri and is the oldest girl of 9 children between her parents. She graduated from Hannibal-LaGrange University with her Bachelors . . .

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