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Coach Klingner Strategies Syllabus

by Matt Klingner

August 19, 2010


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Course Syllabus: Strategies 2010-2011 school year Grade Level: 9-12 Teacher: Matt Klingner/ Mr. Klingner or Coach Klingner Phone#: 660-947-3361 ext. 387 & home: 660-947-7504 E-mail: mklingner@putnamcountyr1.net Course Description: This class is designed to help students establish good study habits and give extra time and help for homework. At times throughout the year we will review study, academic, and organizational skills. We will focus on improving communication, test scores, and homework. A variety of methods will be used to assist the class from one on one, individual, and group work. Grading scale: 90-100 A 89-80 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 59 and below F *You will be graded on class participation, attitude, effort, attendance, cooperation, and academic work. Your failure to complete assigned work will result in a lower grade in Strategies as well as other classes. Each class we will also start the day with a warm-up activity to practice and refresh some skills that everyone must do for a grade. If you don’t bring work to do in class I will have a folder set up and you must complete the activity for that day in order to receive points. Computer’s are used for educational purposes and will be monitored according to policy. Classroom Procedures & Rules: 1.If you have homework, a test to redo, reading to finish, or any other schoolwork bring it to class and you will receive assistance when you need it. But, remember you have to make the effort and take responsibility. 2.No cussing/inappropriate language or making fun of anyone during the class period, no exceptions. Bullying will not be tolerated. 3.Be on time unless you have permission from another teacher or myself, have a seat, and don’t distract other while they are working. 4.Leave stuff in the classroom alone that is not yours. 5.Follow school expectation and rules. Look in the student agenda if needed. 6.Fill out grade checks when asked to do so. 7.Have fun while trying. 8.Don’t be afraid to ask for help.