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Students Shocked by Science!

by Danyel Fitzpatrick

January 27, 2012


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Since coming back from Christmas Break, we have started a unit on electricity and magnetism.  Rather than learning about electricity from the book alone, we took a hands-on approach to learning.  Students participated in various learning activities such as creating a working circuit (online learning activity), observing various electric appliances, and the classic activity of rubbing a balloon in your hair to create static.  The students enjoyed "shocking" each other after rubbing the balloons in their hair.  The second half of our unit focused on various kinds of magnets, magnetic fields, and electromagnetism.  During this half of the unit, students participated in more hands-on learning activities which involved creating magnetic Silly Putty, moving various objects using magnets, and creating their own magnetic inventions.  Who knew Science class could be so fun?!?