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The Game of Life

January 28, 2014


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Personal Finance Students Play a Real Game of Life

Students in Personal Finance are learning the ins and outs of financial matters through hands-on lessons and learning activities.  At the beginning of the semester, students compared three colleges (of their choice), figured the cost of a Bachelor's degree at each of the three schools, and then decided which college they would like to attend.  Once they completed college, they researched their dream job.  Students researched careers such as Doctors, Lawyers, Photographers, Sonographers, Carpenters, Military, Teachers, Business Managers, Graphic Designers and Animators, Public Relations Specialists, Religious Leaders, Psychologists, Farmers, and Chefs to name a few.  

   Currently, students are "moving" to various parts of the United States to pursue their careers.  They are finding apartments, vehicles, cell phone plans, etc. and are creating a rough draft budget.  They received their first "paycheck" on February 7th and will learn how to fill out deposit slips and keep a checkbook register.  

   Next on the agenda is analyzing their rough draft budgets.  Some students will quickly learn that they won't be able to afford everything they thought they would!  We will also begin "investing" in the stock market.

   Students will also learn how to file taxes using paper and pen as well as using online resources such as TurboTax.  Although all of this "finance stuff" seems far off for most students, they are slowly realizing how relevant it all is.