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New Seating

September 06, 2017


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Do you ever not want to go to an event because of the seating arrangements?  Having to sit in a specific seat in a specific way makes me automatically cringe.  Ever since I was little I have always sat in a “non-traditional” way.  Those “non-traditional” ways consist of one foot on the chair arm, both legs tucked up under me, sprawled out across the chair, and many more positions.  Having to sit in a desk in the same position all day used to drive me crazy while in school.  I hope that with my flexible seating arrangements in the  classroom provides students with the opportunity to be comfortable while learning.  


Flexible seating in my classroom consists of the following items:  lap desks, crate seats,  bungy cord seat, swivel chairs, gaming chair, lawn chairs, bean bag chairs, rocking chair, traditional desks, and a standing area.  I have two reading nooks and a few cubbies by the file cabinets.  


Along with seating choices, I have tried to brighten up my room.  I have a variety of colors and objects hanging from my ceiling.  I am a fan of DIY projects and have found many items in my classroom at garage sales, Goodwill, and/or family members.  A little paint and hot glue can go a long way when used to repurpose items.   


I have included a link that discusses flexible seating that I found interesting.  I hope you will as well.  Thanks for reading and please share any DIY ideas for the classroom with me.  



Jenna Sivetts