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Elementary Character Education Assembly

November was all about good citizenship.

Friday, November 17, 2017, the PC elementary gym was full of slightly squirmy students and some very proud parents as the qualities of academic achievement, good behavior and good character were recognized.  November's focus was on good citizenship and this quality was recognized in the nomination of Coach Matt Klingner as the community winner of that honor. High school senior Amy M. was also honored for that character trait.                             

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Learning and Overcoming Fears

Every month, a different science class gets the opportunity to feed the classroom pet snake, Neguina, a ball python, and this month, it was the students in chemistry class who got the opportunity to see the cycle of life in action. The class has been studying about the frequencies that different wavelengths of light produce and how snakes locate their prey using the prey's infrared signature that snakes can "see" using special sensory organs on their faces. While watching the feeding, some students ventured to test their courage by holding the tarantula, Rosie...all in the name of science, of course! It was a rare opportunity for her to be out and while few students tried to handle her, interestingly, tarantulas make surprisingly gentle pets. Perhaps next month, another class will show the same nerves of steel . . .

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Need A Pumpkin Pie Recipe? Pinterest Has Nothing On Preschool!

   May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, food, fun, blessings, and wonderful memories! Enjoy these one of a kind recipes!      Pumpkin Pie by Macey 4 pumpkins 4 crust 4 sauce 4 sugars Mix them. Sugar them. Mix them. Put in oven. Put the oven on 665,544 degrees. Cook 6 minutes. Stir again. Get the pepperonis out. Cook them in the oven. Put cheese on them. Then put that on top of your pie. That’s it! Pumpkin Pie by Gunner 2 pumpkins 3 seeds 4 blackberries Stir it up. Put it in a pan. Put it in the oven at 4 degrees. Cook 10 seconds. Then you eat it!   Pumpkin Pie by Benjamin 1 pumpkin Crust on the bottom ½ sugar 3 eggs 2 half a . . .

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Putnam County FFA Conducts Greenhand Banquet and Activities

Guin Anderson reporting.

The Putnam County FFA Chapter hosted its annual Greenhand Banquet on Monday November 6, 2017. The banquet is to award the thirty three new members with their Greenhand FFA Degree and the twenty nine second year members with their Chapter FFA Degree.   The meal at the banquet consisted of soup and potluck dishes courtesy of the school cooks and members parents.  About 183 members and guests attended.   During the Greenhand Degree ceremony, Emily Davis and Tori Guffey were selected to recite the FFA Creed during the ceremony.  Those receiving their Greenhand Degree pin were:  Aaron Schnelle, Aaron Perez, Alaina Stottlemyre, Alexis LaFountain, Alexis Williams, Carsen Sporleder, Colder Evans, Cole Robinson, Delaney Small, David Miller, David Williams, Destiny Schneider, Emily Davis, Ethen Ryals, . . .

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Hello Human Body!

Hello everyone.  As we have made the turn and are on the downhill side of the 2nd quarter, both 8th and 6th grade health classes are starting their big projects for the year.  The following paragraphs give a little insight into what each grade is doing. 8th Grade Health - The 8th grade students recently started their body systems project.  Along with their group, the students will make a Google slides presentation that goes over certain body systems.  The systems are the endocrine, nervous, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive, urinary, and respiratory systems.  They will then present these when they come back from Thanksgiving break and then will end the quarter by going over nutrition and how they plays a role in the human body as well. 6th Grade Health - The 6th grade is following right . . .

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Congratulations to Trey and Emily!

Emily D, freshman and Trey M, senior, went to district band auditions this past Saturday. Both were successful! Emily D. received 3rd chair in the second band as a freshman. Trey M. earned the place of first chair in the Top band, meaning he is the best mallet percussion player in the Northeast district. He will now be moving on to All-state auditions on December 2nd where he will do another audition process against the whole state to see if he can make the state band that plays at the MMEA conference at Tan-tar-a! We are very proud of these fine musicians!

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T-shirt to Support Scholarship

Rachel Morris Memorial Scholarship

 These specially designed tees are only $12 per shirt.  All proceeds to the Rachel Morris Memorial Scholarship Fund/ Morris Family.  We will deliver to businesses or people in Unionville that order 5 or more.  Contact Mrs. Hollon at extension 305 with your order.

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