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All School Reunion Coming Soon

The 2019 All School Reunion promises to be one of the best, due to several new events including a Faculty Reception, the Orval Spence Memorial Alumni Art Exhibit, and a golf tournament. The reunion will be held August 30 through September 1, primarily at the PC R-I School Commons. Katie Graves, Thelma Mullins, Marylin Carr, Doris Richardson, and Jean (Fechtling) Grogan are among the retired faculty promising to greet former students in the high school library at 10 a.m. on Saturday. All former faculty members are invited to attend. Alumni are encouraged to enter items in the art exhibit which is in memory of 1962 alum Orval Spence, an artist, photographer and art teacher. Works of art can include paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, woodwork, textiles, photography, etc. and will . . .

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Elementary Back to School Supply Lists

Elementary Back to School Supply List Preschool: Backpack, Plastic Folder, 4 Crayons-box of 8 basic colors, 1 pkg #2 pencils, Scissors – Fiskars blunt-end, 4 glue sticks (no glitter please, purple dries clear is fine), 1 bag of cough drops, 2 large boxes of Kleenex, 3 large boxes of baby wipes, 2 box gallon Ziploc bags, 1 box zipping sandwich bags, & 1 box snack size bags *Pick at least 3 of the following for craft fun: Feathers, shaving cream, small or large paper plates (no Styrofoam), foam crafts stickers (such as shapes, glitter alphabet letters, bugs and so on), craft pomp poms, googly eyes, play-doh, buttons, and plastic pony beads *Rest time supplies will be provided. Do not purchase mats, blankets, or towels. Kindergarten: Large bath towel or rug for rest time . . .

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Middle School Back to School Supply Lists

PCMS Back to School Supplies 2019-2020 Putnam County Middle School Back to School Supply Lists: General supplies for all Middle School students: Pencils (wooden or mechanical), 1 pkg. red pens, large eraser, dry erase markers, zippered pencil pouch, 4 book covers, scotch tape, glue stick, earbuds/headphones, PE shoes, and a box of Kleenex to be brought to the office. 6th Grade Core Class Supply List: English/Reading: Highlighter 2 Composition Notebooks 2 Folders Loose-leaf paper Math: 3 ring binder (1- 2 inch) 3 dividers paper 1 folder Science: 1 folder 1 composition notebook 1 spiral notebook Social Studies: Colored pencils 3 ring binder 1 folder I spiral notebook Art: 3 ring binder 1 package of baby wipes 1 package of Ziploc baggies 7th & 8th Grade . . .

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ImPACT Testing Dates

ImPACT Testing to be held in Mrs. Fitzpatrick's Room on July 30, 2019, from 1 pm to 5 pm.   What is ImPACT testing? ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a collection of neuro-cognitive assessments administered online in a controlled environment. ImPACT has two components: baseline testing and post-injury testing which are used in conjunction to determine if a patient can safely return to activity.   If your student is participating in school-sponsored activities, be sure to have your ImPACT test complete.

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Wacky Wednesday

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits yesterday, for the last Wednesday of summer school.  The highlight of the day was making salt dough.  Students worked in groups to measure and mix the ingredients.  They loved getting messy, using only their hands to mix the dough.  After mixing and a little cleaning, the students were excited to CREATE.  Students made a variety of objects with their dough including snakes, snowmen, and cinnamon rolls.  Each student took a portion of the dough home.  Many of them planned to dry the dough and even paint it.   If you would like to make your own salt dough, it is very easy.  Here is the recipe they used: 2 cups flour 1 cup salt 1 cup warm water - They didn’t use quite that much.  Add water or a little more flour as needed.  The . . .

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Terrific Tuesday Tangrams in Third-Grade

Third graders enjoyed a Terrific Tuesday earlier this week. They worked with tangrams to create boats and animals, like seals and cats.  Students also used the tangrams to make original creations.  Through all of this “play” they learned about the attributes of two dimensional shapes, and they stretched their brain muscles by visualizing how these shapes can be combined to form other figures. 

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Learning About Diversity

Darcee  Schwarzkopf is an education student at Northwest Missouri State University and she came to summer school today. The kindergarten students learned about the importance of accepting differences in others and how everyone is unique. 

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Marvelous Monday in Third Grade

Yesterday was the last Monday of summer school, but that wasn’t the only reason that made for a “Marvelous Monday”.  First, Third-graders enjoyed popsicles courtesy of Joy and Jaelynn. We then visited Mr. Watt’s science classroom in the high school.  Mr. Watt demonstrated how a 3D printer works.  He also demonstrated the principal of inertia using a pencil, string, a cup of water, and a “cup holder”. He used the 3D printer to create the “cup holder”. We all took turns swinging the cup around WITHOUT spilling the water!  Thank you, Mr. Watt, for helping to make our Monday even more marvelous.  We look forward to more experiences with the 3D printer, and we are excited about the opportunities this provides to our students. 

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Recycled Bridge Designers in Middle School

Middle school students built recycled bridges and tested to see which design was strongest during summer school. Some were really surprised!

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Hello? Anyone There?

In science last week, Fourth-grade students learned how sound travels. Through a video, the students learned about what makes sound and how it travels. Then they made a "telephone", wrote a hypothesis about what would happen when they went to use their telephone, and then tested their creations. To conclude the lesson, the students discussed the results and what could be done differently.

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