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Radio Talk Show with Famous Historical Figures

In Social Studies this week we have been working diligently, in spite of weather changing up our schedule, to wrap up Chapter 7. The 8th graders have been working on individual research projects on historical figures from the chapter including four United States presidents. Thursday, we did a unique activity. I chose students who had done their project over either Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams to take part in a panel. The way we set this up was to pretend that these 4 students were acting out their figure. The rest of the class drafted questions to ask these figures about three important events from the chapter: the XYZ affair, the National Bank, and the Alien and Sedition Acts.  Through the activity, I acted as a "phone operator" and answered the "calls" of students . . .

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Learning More Than Math

    The eighth-grade classes recently reviewed for a linear equations test. The pictures show a whiteboard review we did two days in preparation for the test. What struck me about the whiteboard reviews with these students is the kind willingness to help other students. Writing equations is what we are targeting to learn. These eighth-grade students are learning much more. Those that got it quicker communicated the math concept to another student. They displayed kindness, good work ethic, and respect as they did this. The student receiving the help experienced the kindness and learned to graciously accept the help and voice questions for clarification.      It warms my heart to see your students working to help everyone be successful!

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Middle and High School Book Fair

Reading books gives you the ability to travel to destinations your budget might not allow. Reading opens the doors to imagination, new facts, relaxation, increased vocabulary, and many more benefits. Growing up, we are given the opportunity to visit the school libraries on a regular basis, but there is just something special about owning your book. Sometimes it is hard to make that happen in Middle School and High School when the days of Elementary book orders are in the past.  To help get more books in the hands of our students, Mrs. Watt and Mr. Hicks are hosting a Scholastic Book Fair for our Middle and High School students. The book fair will take place March 7-13, 2019. Parents, even you can enjoy shopping for a great read as this will be held the week of Parent/Teacher conferences.  Remember, . . .

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Courtwarming Inspires Groovy Doors

Mr. Klingner and Ms. Schmitter get ready for Courtwarming with their 70’s theme door. Heather C. and Holly H. helped create the 70's theme door for the door decorating contest. Way to get in the spirit! 

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Ecological Succession Study

Sophomore biology students in Mr. Watt's class are presently conducting a study to see how quickly life appears in samples of "dead" plant matter that they collected outside last week.  The plant matter was submerged in a jar of sterilized lake water from Lake Thunderhead.  So far, microscopic life has only been discovered in one of the twelve samples collected.  Students have studied the effects of volcanic eruptions on ecosystems, and have considered the explosion of Mt. St. Helens in Washington back in May of 1980 as well as the numerous eruptions on the Indian Ocean island of Krakatoa as recently as last month.  

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Character Education Week Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars. Character Education Week is right around the corner! Putnam Co. R-I Character Education Week will be held on February 5-8, 2019.   Tuesday: FOOD FOR THOUGHT DAY It is important to help others and we would like to help support our Buddy Pack Program. Please donate $1.00. Every dollar donated buys $21.00 worth of food. We are also Grateful for our community; please bring in your non-perishable food items & canned goods to help those in need in our own community. (Please no outdated or open items) All food items will remain in our county at the local food pantry.   Wednesday: CITIZENSHIP DAY We show good CITIZENSHIP by taking care of our elderly friends and family. We will collect donations for BINGO prizes for our friends at the Putnam County Care Center. . . .

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Scholarships 2018-2019

Scholarships 18-19 StudentScholarships.org has a newsletter available at https://www.studentscholarship.org/newsletter.php .  This newsletter contains a variety of scholarships. The Hagan Scholarship application can be found at www.hsfmo.org .  The deadline is November 15th. This scholarship is a nationwide need-based merit scholarship. The Horatio Alger Scholarship is available at scholarships@horatioalger.org. Must display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity. The Show-Me Soil and Water Conservation Society is offering scholarships at http://www.moswcs.org/scholarship/ .   Project 21 offers a scholarship program at https://secureservecdn.net/ip-ac.mwp2.iad2. godaddy.com/bn7.d3b.godaddywp.com/wp-.  You must . . .

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2019 Courtwarming Candidates

Courtwarming is fast approaching. Students nominated their peers for the honor of Courtwarming King and Queen. Your 2019 queen candidates are (front row, left to right) Whitney R, Alisha W, Hannah M, Kendall I, and Guin A. King candidates are (back row, left to right) Cody P, Jordan M, Jacob E, Dominic S, and Kalab S. Courtwarming is on Friday, January 25, 2019, at 6 pm. 

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Our 2019 Word!

Have you seen the #OneWord2019 trend this year? I love the idea and decided to do it with my students! They were each asked to think of what kind of person they want to become this year or something they want to work on becoming better at. They picked some really purposeful words! Check them out below! Zane- Promising Breyton- Sporty Scot- Faith Ava- Inspired Lee- Kindness Marina- Helpful Riley- Dream Tomas- Amazing Rory- Try Tayven- Caring Abigail- Artist Katie- Crafty Jayden- Daring Jason- Church Halie- Kindness Bryce- Dream Jaci- Spirit Bella- Kind  

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