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February Fun in Reading


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Do you ever want to run away in a good book?  I hope that everyone can answer that question with a "YES!".  The students in my 7th Grade Reading class are exploring the realm of Greek Mythology.  They are learning about how the author's view point can change a story that maybe they have already heard.  The students are then able to make their own judgments towards which story they believe is how something came to be.  It is wonderful to sit back and hear the students say things like "Well, I thought..." or "No way, this is not how it is..." or even some "See I told you I was right".  The students are discussing what they read in a very productive manner.  


The sixth grade students are just now getting back into the textbook after finishing Hatchet.   While reading a variety of stories, the students will be identifying different ways that the writer's tell their stories.  The students will be paying close attention to metaphors, symbols, and images that the authors are using.  After studying the different ways of writing, the students will try their own hand at using these methods to tell a story.  In English, I will be reading aloud many familiar children's books to help show the students the different ways authors write as well.  By reinforcing the idea that a writer has a purpose and using many different skills to get that purpose across, the students will have a broader knowledge and therefore be able to replicate their knowledge in their own writing.  


I hope everyone finds that book to runaway in!  Happy Reading!  Mrs. Sivetts