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Welcome to Sixth Grade

August 08, 2016


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Hello!  I  would like to welcome you to Sixth Grade! My name is Mrs. Sivetts and I teach sixth grade English Language Arts.  I am looking forward to working with each one of you in order to make the transition from Elementary School to Middle School a successful experience.  This transition emcompasses many new experiences, freedoms, and responsibilities.  


I’m including a few explanations regarding procedures in my classroom in order to make sure that the school year is started with everyone being on the same page.  


*No textbooks….Yes I said no textbooks.  I do have textbooks in the classroom that will be used randomly as a resource.  The students might have to check one out periodically if they need to use it as a resource.  


*Notebooks...The students are required to bring in two composition notebooks for my classes. One notebook will be turned into a Writer’s Workshop Notebook and the other one will be the Reader’s Workshop Notebook.  These notebooks will be important to daily instruction and therefore will be required to stay in the classroom.  I will provide a place for the students to store their notebooks.  These notebooks will be graded quarterly and will be a very important part of the students’ classroom grade.   If for some reason the student needs to use his/her notebook for homework, then the individual student is allowed to come check his/her notebook out at the end of the day (during study skills).  My reasoning for this policy is to ensure that each student has all the necessary materials to participate in class on a daily basis.  If the student needs to take it home then he/she is available to do this but needs to bring it back the very next day.  We will be using these notebooks daily in class to complete assignments as well as paste important reference materials in them.  


*Independent Reading Book . . . I’m sure in the past, the students have been required to read a book when their work has been completed.  Well, in my class this is taken a bit further.  The students are required to come to class daily with an independent reading book.  This book has to be one of their choice and be within a reasonable reading level (compared to where he/she is reading).  Points will be awarded weekly for these daily checks.  The students will not be given many opportunities for extra credit so they should pay attention to the points available everyday if they strive to receive good grades.  


*Library . . . even though the library is in the High School Building, the Middle School students will have access to a wonderful selection of reading materials.  Mrs. McDonald and I strive to get the students involved in the library.  We will have time weekly that our class will practice using the library or media center as well as have time to check out books.  The students should use this opportunity to check out a book for Independent Reading.  


*Study Skills . . . this is a great time for the students to complete their homework and to receive help if needed. If the students do not have homework, then I will encourage them to read a book.  


*School Supplies . . . here is a list of school supplies for my classroom.  

    Two composition notebooks (stays in classroom)

    1 package loose leaf notebook paper (stays in classroom)

    1 folder (stays in classroom)

    Highlighter, glue, scissors, tape ( may be used in other classes)


I believe that my classroom will be a productive environment for the students.  I expect the students to be courteous to one another and to be responsible for their actions.  In order to grow as a reader and writer, the students have to feel safe in the environment in which they practice.  I want the students to go out on a limb and read a genre they never dreamed of or write a letter to the editor of the paper about a topic they feel very compassionate about.  In order for the students to succeed they have to know that it is ok to fail and that “we” (the other students and teacher) are there to support them and help them learn how to grow.


I look forward to working with each and every one of you this coming school year.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at ext. 348 or email me at jsivetts@putnamcountyr1.net.  


Thank you,

Mrs. Jenna Sivetts