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District Policies

Click on the following link to view the School Board approved policies:


In addition to the above polices, PCR-1 has adopted the following Policy 2656 Student Cell Phone Usage and Student Nutrition:

Student Nutrition

Students Discipline

Developments in cell phone technology in recent years have resulted in enhanced communication opportunities.  However, the use of cell phones in schools poses increasing risks of school disruptions, bullying, criminal activity, and academic dishonesty.  As a result, student cell phones, digital cameras and similar electronic device usage will be modified as listed below except in dressing areas, restrooms and during extracurricular activities! 

Teacher discretion:

Teachers, have always and will continue to have the authority to allow students the usage of Electronic Devices for learning opportunities.

Student discretion:

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, (High School students in the High School building alone) Electronic Devices will be allowed prior to school until 8:15a.m., between classes, during assigned lunch shifts and immediately following the last bell of the school day.  Phones can be on but must be programed to silent. (Neither sound nor vibration are allowed!)  

Consequences for High School students: will depend on the severity of the infraction. 

Minimal Electronic Device infractions: (Example):

            If student A sends a text message while in their assigned lunch shift to Student B who is in Geometry, and Student B’s phone rings, vibrates or beeps then Student B will be disciplined for disruption of class. Not Student A.

1st    offense-- phone confiscation and a warning

2nd offense – a minimum of 3 hour detention; electronic device confiscated and student pick up at end of day

3rd   offense – a minimum of 2 days ISS; parent/guardian must pick up electronic device from office

4th   offense – a minimum of 2 days OSS; parent/guardian must pick up electronic device from office

Severe Electronic Device infractions:

If an Electronic Device is used for intentional class/school disruption, bullying, locker room/bathroom use, criminal activity, academic dishonesty or other similar behaviors, then the minimum consequence is 5 days OSS (additional discipline may be added upon completion of the investigation).  In order to prevent this, students will not be allowed to take cell phones/electronic devices with them when they use a hall pass or nurse pass.

Middle school and Elementary school students are not allowed the use of electronic devices without teacher permission. 

Consequences for Elementary and Middle School students:           

1st offense – electronic device confiscated; student may pick up at end of day

2nd offense – electronic device confiscated; parent may pick up at end of day

3rd offense – electronic device confiscated; detention assigned and parent pick up at end of day

4th offense-- electronic device confiscated; 1 day of ISS

Last Modified:  July 14, 2014