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Putnam County R-I Schools

Elementary School

The Special Education Evaluation Process

  Special Education Evaluation Process Special Education is a program in which the student must qualify under the criteria outlined in the Missouri State Plan for Special Education. The following is a brief . . .

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What is FAPE?

What is FAPE? The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act guarantees a student with a disability the right to a free and appropriate public education.  The right to a free and . . .

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Procedural Safeguards

  Every year, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and state regulations implementing IDEA require that parents be given a statement of procedural safeguards. (July 1, 2005). Other instances where procedural safeguards . . .

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What is Executive Functioning?

It may seem like “executive functioning” are the new buzzwords of today in the school environment, however, neuropsychologists have been studying this set of skills for many years. In short, executive functioning directs all of . . .

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Individualized Education Plan or a 504 Plan?

  “There are many differences between an IEP and 504 Plan. The first and most fundamental is they’re governed by different laws. An IEP is governed by Special Education Law, 504 is governed under a Civil Rights . . .

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Who Likes Hot Chocolate? Or Coffee?

  Mrs. Casady’s RTI group recently finished a book called Who Likes Hot Chocolate?   The main character in this short fiction story, Mike McCarthy,  has the perfect money-making scheme, or so he . . .

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"Alphabet Soup"

Why do media outlets give special reporting on a newly-elected president’s first 100 days in office? This precedent began with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. During his first 100 days in office, FDR called an emergency . . .

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