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Putnam County R-I Schools

Elementary School

Technology in Special Education

Technology allows a student to be more independent. It can help students choose the speed in which they learn and helps to make their learning plan more personalized. Technology allows instructors more flexibility and a different . . .

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Being consistent in Special Education is important

Having a daily routine is very important in Special Education. This routine helps students stay on track and allows them to focus on the objective in front of them. Most students in Special Education already have extra daily obstacles . . .

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Collaboration brings success

Working with other teachers is extremely important and oftentimes the key to student success. Sometimes students miss a few things and need someone to help them catch up. Sometimes just starting over and reteaching something is all that a . . .

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Painting Pumpkins

We decided to dress up the outside of the classroom with some festive pumpkins. The students in my classroom each received a pumpkin to paint. Each student spent time using their creative expression. They practiced their small motor skills . . .

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Having fun in Mrs. Chapman's

We have been getting more comfortable with routines and learning in Mrs. Chapman's room. Students have been practicing our short vowels. Some students started spelling this week and successfully took their first spelling tests! . . .

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