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Accommodations vs. Modifications

Students in special education have accommodations and modifications included in their IEPs. While the two words sound very similar, they mean two different things. 

Accommodations help special education students access the general education curriculum. They still learn the same information and have the same objectives as their peers, but how they learn is tailored to fit their needs. For example, to help with note-taking, they can be given a fill-in-the-blank sheet of the notes instead of having to completely write their own. For testing in any area, they can be given more time to complete the test than their peers have. 

Modifications change the expectations that special education students have when it comes to the general education curriculum. Their curriculum is altered to fit their learning needs and styles. What they’re learning differs compared to what their peers are learning. Examples of modifications could be different homework assignments than what their classmates have or practicing addition facts while the rest of the class is working on multiplication facts. 

While accommodations and modifications sound very similar, they are very different from one another in definition, but both are important tools in aiding students to be successful in their school work. 

Is your child in need of special services?  Talk to your child's teacher or contact our Special Services Director for more information.