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6th Grade Students Read The Giver

Mrs. Valentine's sixth-grade reading class recently read The Giver by Lois Lowry.  This book is a science-fiction novel based on a dystopian society where the main character, Jonas, who becomes the new Giver, suddenly finds himself making some adult-like decisions at the young age of 12.  Jonas and the other characters have a role in their society that is vital to the success of the community.  When he learns the truth and about the past from the Receiver, Jonas must decide what is right for the future of their society. His friends, Fiona and Asher are also "twelves" that find themselves in a different role past their childhoods.  Mom, Dad, sister Lily, Gabe, The Elders, and others are also important characters along with the old Giver now known The Receiver. The students really enjoyed this book and the discussions that were had from the reading.  One of the follow-up-activities was for the students to do a character autopsy of one of the characters of their choice.  They were to explain all parts of their character by body parts.  Each body party represented the following: The head was the intellectual side; heart, emotional side; torso, instinctive side; legs, strengths; feet, mobile/future; arms, working side; hands, practical side; ears, hearing; mouth, communication; and eyes, were for seeing. Students then explained how their character showed each of these things.  For instance:  "Jonas saw a lot of memories that made him happy.  He fears the bad memories."  The book and activity was a hit with this 6th-grade class!