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Cabin Fever?

Tips for Keeping Your Kids busy and Practicing their Speech and Language Inside

This winter has kept us on our toes as far as weather goes.  If it is cold for several days, our kids stay inside and get cabin fever.  Here are some activities they can do to keep them busy and work on their speech and language skills at the same time. 

*Have them look around for old magazines or newspapers or even objects and put together a collage of items or pictures with the sound they are working on or just work on vocabulary, making sure they know the names of everything.

* You can have a snowball fight inside by having them write random words or winter words with their sound on small pieces of paper, wad them up and throw them like snowballs. You can then talk with them about where each of them landed (under the table, beside the lamp, in the center of the floor, etc.). Then you could make them crab walk to pick them all up. After picking them up, let them “shoot hoops” to throw the papers away in the trash can.

*Assign them a room in the house and ask them to write down and name all of the objects that have their sound. I know these don’t seem like much, but any practice is better than none, and it will keep their hands from being too idol!

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns.


Thanks again for loaning us your kids!


Kim Knight

Speech-Language Pathologist