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PCHS Class of 2023 Senior Spotlight: Jenna Bradshaw

🥳Senior Spotlight Time!
👩🏼‍🎓Help us congratulate Class of 2023 PCHS Senior, Miss Jenna Bradshaw!
🤍Jenna is the daughter of Sarah and Shannon Bradshaw.
💙Jenna's favorite quote: "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people."- Eleanor Roosevelt
💙Jenna has been active in FCCLA, FBLA, DECA, NHS, and a proud volunteer at the @Putnam County Public Library while also creating art and assisting with art-related activities like Evening with the Arts. (Coming soon, April 22. Be sure to attend!)
💙We asked Jenna what her advice would be for incoming freshmen. She said, "Be yourself. There's nothing more rewarding, beautiful, and admirable than being genuine. It will help you form healthy bonds with your friends and family and give you comfort in knowing they appreciate you for who you truly are."
😂Jenna's funniest memory from high school was: "When I was a freshman in a class full of seniors for Greek Mythology, we performed a reenactment of the Persephone and Hades story. Long story short, I was put in a group with all senior boys because I actually read the story and it ended with Gavin McLain (Hades) slapping a passionate kiss on Adrian Cornell's (Persephone) cheek and Mrs. Owings almost rolling on the floor in laughter."
👩🏼‍🎓Jenna plans to become a real estate appraiser, along with getting her bachelor's degree in business and finance. She says, "I plan on doing online classes through NCMC to earn my associate's degree while using A+ funds. Then I will use the money I saved those first 2 years to attend a University for my bachelor's degree."
🧠We asked Jenna what her favorite class was at Putnam. She told us, "I think I've learned the most in my Psychology class. Understanding the inner workings of the brain is so helpful and you really start to understand the people around you and why they do certain things and how certain events take shape in your conscious mind."

🎯When asked where she sees herself in 5-10 years, Jenna replied, "Hopefully surviving....haha. I'd like to be in a nice house and make a good amount of money and work on being a better version of myself every day. Along with annoying my mother with phone calls every day telling her every detail of my day."

👩‍🏫We asked Jenna about her most memorable moment at Putnam: "Honestly, I will always be really grateful for my junior year Algebra II class. I made a lot of new friends and every day was wonderfully chaotic. Or my Art class this year, I watched a group of people who were misunderstood and fell under completely different social roles turn into a group of friends. Every day we learned something new about each other and shared wonderful conversations about life. I never would've expected something like that to happen but it did and am more than grateful."
💙We asked Jenna what teacher or staff member at Putnam has had the biggest impact on her and why. She said, "I don't think I can really narrow it down completely to one teacher, but to name a few...Mrs. Owings, because she's really just the most amazing person ever and she always knows what to say and has been there for me for a lot of tough times in my life. Then there is Mrs. Dickerson. She has always been great about pushing me to my full potential and because of that, I've achieved a lot of pretty great things. There's also Mr. Elson. He's very truthful and open about his life and things he has learned and how they shaped him as a person today. I find myself analyzing my past mistakes and realizing that they were the best things that could've happened to me and it helps stop me from constantly beating myself up over a small mishap, instead you see it as a blessing and a learning experience. My teachers are a big inspiration in my life and I'm really grateful that our staff here at Putnam is so amazing."
Congratulations, Jenna! We are #PutnamProud of you! #pchsclassof2023 #PutnamProud